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For my millions of readers that come across my blog every hour of the day... ;) ...

I just recently started a new trading blog: The Art of Speculation.

I will be posting my trading strategies, various resources, and going through some of my trades, with charts, annotations, and the whole nine yards.

If you are interested in trading (stocks, currencies, etc.) then be sure to check it out.


Heart of Light

flow from a conscience so absorbed
In the purpose of existence, we ask for guidance from our Lord
An answer to our yearning, the most fundamental question
To clear deluded confusion, a most pure connection

The sight of the heart above the sight of the senses
The purity of the heart, in itself it cleanses
The sanctity of the heart, in an orb of light
Self-aware in presence to guide the way through the night

Some Thoughts...

The only reason to perform an action is if you truly have a compelling purpose to do so. I find that action which is based on whimsical attitude or out of dull habit to be an obstacle to becoming a more fulfilled human being.

If we truly believed in every action we took, perhaps we would perform them with more conviction and reap more satisfaction out of our daily business - If there was some guiding light, a method of achieving a higher purpose.

This I remind myself whenever I feel estranged by the normal habits of everyday suchness.

Adventures in Tripoli, Libya


Its been close to two weeks since I have returned from Libya after a long and tiresome journey back home. I still cannot accurately describe my experience except that it was both an outward physical journey across the world and an inward journey forcing me to step outside of my daily life back in California and really look within myself and see who I truly am and who I must become. This is perhaps the more important and lasting wisdom I will come away with. I could continue to describe Libya and my various experiences and observations, but I feel more important is to share my inner experience. It has always been amusing to me that man will look far and wide for the answers when all he must really do is look within himself... but the journey is what helped awaken the realization... for he would have never realized this without taking the journey... How true is the statement: "Wherever you go, there you are." In the end it is only to find ourselves that we seek.

I have tried to keep the memories fresh within my mind and remind myself of my experience, but it still remains elusive. While I was in Libya, my life in California became a distant dream, some strange reality that I used to be a part of... and now that I have returned it is precisely the opposite. My experience in Libya is now just a fading memory fighting to stay golden in my conscience.

The path I traverse is finite and it will come to an end. Though I do not see where it leads yet, as in the midst of my travels, I know I must return to where I started to remember why I chose to walk this path. Strange it is, but perhaps there is beauty in this occurence. Everything happens precisely as it should, and all I know is that wherever my path leads, I must never forget. I must never forget why. I must never forget the Glory of God, for if I do, then I have forgotten my own self.

Libya... Until Next time... God Willing...

Adventures in Tripoli, Libya

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Its been about a month since my last post, as we have reached this midpoint of our trip. I really had no intention of forcing myself to blog, or blogging for the sake of blogging... but only when I felt I could share an observation or an insight; something that was worth preserving in this blog. And so... I present a few interesting observations.

It took some time living here to really begin to get a feel... but the pace of life here is relatively calm and slow. Most Libyans are content spending their time sitting around in the house having a family conversation or watching television together. No one is really in any hurry. Contrast this to the American pace, and you see that Americans are always moving, going somewhere... not to imply that they are moving forward in their lives and accomplishing while Libyans are not... but just that spending time with family at home is considered borish... and a waste of time... one must always have somewhere to go, somewhere to be... whether its work or school, or hanging out with friends, watching a movie, eating at a restaurant, going to the beach, playing sports, etc.

Another observation is that there are serious impediments to really achieving freedom here... freedom in the sense of financial freedom, freedom of self to move in pursuit of dreams. Most people seem to have lost ambition, motivation... they feel as though the path is blocked for them, that there are boundaries set out by this government, society, etc. And so many Libyans are really looking for the opportunity to travel to live abroad in the West. Whether it be America, Canada or Europe.

It reminds me of something I always used to say to myself: Where there is privilege there is responsibility. Most Americans did not immigrate to America, their fathers did... but they enjoy many freedoms they take for granted and sell themselves short. I believe it to be the responsibility of me as an American enjoying political and financial freedoms to reach for the sky. To become more than the average, to take full advantage of my privilege and help those that are not given the same. This is perhaps one of the most important reminders I will take with me on the way home to California.

Adventures in Tripoli, Libya

Monday June 26th, 2006

I have now been in Libya for a few days now - since the 22nd, and its been quite an interesting experience so far. One thought I had just yesterday was how different it is living amongst the same race of people in their mother country which has a rich history dating back even several millennia, versus living in Southern California where you have such a variety of races and cultures in the "New World" - in existence for less than a quarter of one millennium.

In the first scenario, you have a unified culture and religion containing a certain reference to ethics, manners, and character, while in the second scenario you have a broad base of different value systems, races, and cultures in constant interaction.

Of course, the culture here is more family oriented than the average American household. This includes not just the extended family but even "strangers". In fact, this internet cafe that I now sit in was very cordial in inviting me in: "You are our brother. Please sit where you wish."

In America we avoid eye contact with strangers, but here in Tripoli, when passing another individual in the street, they extend their greetings to you.

Outside of the social observations, the weather has been quite hot, as my cousin aptly called it a "warm welcome" in our honor. In particular the house we are staying in, as it has just finished being built, has no AC installed yet, and the heat has caused me some fatigue and nausea which I am still feeling now.

Yesterday, I went with my cousin and his friend to go purchase a television, digital satellite reciever, and the dish itself. This was my first real look at the city during the daytime. We drove on a highway overlooking the sea, which was nice. We could see the harbor with parked boats, and possibly yachts. There was a nice futbol field setup inbetween the streets where some kids were playing with many onlookers. The first time I got a real look at nice, freshly cut green grass in Tripoli. The kids appeared to be wearing European Futbol Club Jerseys: Barcelona, New Castle United, and Manchester United.

I found it interesting to see that there were various signs on the highway that had Qur'anic verses and Supplications. One supplication translated into English read: "My Lord fill this city with Serentiy." Of course in America, although most of the population may not be offended, signs like this would surely have secularists and atheists alike yelling: "Seperation between Church and State!"

The next weeks should bring more interesting experiences and observations. In the mean time, I am going to do my best to stay cool and well - maintain some vitality while I am here. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to pick up a camera and take some pictures. Inshallah.

I will try to update this as time and my interest allow. :)

Mind at Peace.

Mind at Peace

Once a man can silence his mind
From anxious worries and strife
He may then come to find
That there is truth in life

A path the righteous tread
Straight in its disposition
As pure as silken thread
Fine woven composition

Recite these words my friend
Aloud and with conviction
And you may reach your end
To realize what you've envisioned